We are delighted to bring you this opportunity to join us in investing in The Richmond International Fund.

Warren Couillault

Director, CEO

The Fund has a simple objective - to provide industry leading returns and to protect capital at the same time.  It is a diversified, global fund which invests in a hand-picked selection of investment funds from around the world.

The Fund is managed by Richmond, a partnership between Warren Couillault and the Spencer Family Group (SFG).  The Fund is based on the SFG's investment portfolio.  Why?  Because the SFG has been managing its own portfolio for more than 20 years with impressive results: a pleasing combination of healthy annual returns and low downside volatility.

We believe financial markets and assets are likely to be volatile and unstable for the medium term.  In such an environment we believe you need investment products that can hold their value when markets are weak and gain in value when markets are more favourable.  The Fund aims to achieve precisely this and is carefully structured to deal with volatile market conditions.

* SFG is a group of entities which holds, manages and administers a range of investments, including a portfolio of investment funds, for interests associated with John Spencer and his family.